Thursday, September 15, 2011

consistently colored grass.

i have a short post for you today. just a little something on my heart, a little thought before bed.
(if you read my facebook status already, this is just an elaboration...)

i have spent a lot of my life under the unconscious (but still conscious) understanding that when it comes to loving Jesus whole-heartedly in the current life situation im in, "the grass is always greener on the other side." i thought, once i just get out of highschool, i will really just let myself go. ill go to the honor academy, i wont have the same distractions and worries and drama of highschool.......
ok ok ok ok ok. once i get out of the honor academy, i will really be able to be on my own and choose to love Jesus and not feel like i am forced to, so it will be way better. college is going to be perfect. just me and Jesus.
after i leave Asbury, then i know it will really take off. ill be free from all these classes and stresses and worries...i wont have chapel 3 times a week to drain me of any real deep spiritual interest and i will finally be independent and on my own. i'll work in a youth group too.
i know, i'll go to africa and do mission work! then i'll really do it. no more reservations Lord. im all yours. the perverbial spiritual Jesus grass is so much greener in africa.

the perverbial spiritual Jesus grass is greener everywhere except where i am.

what i am learning (what ive been learning since about 17), slowly but surely, is this: the color of the grass is extremely consistent. it is consistently the same shade of green in every field, mountain, and valley i could think of going to. i serve a God that is the same as he was in high school, the same as he was in college, the same today in africa, and He's gonna be the same until the end. serving underpriveledged people in developing countries does not change the way He feels about me, and should never change how i love and pursue Him.

silly me. thank you Jesus for being so patient.

if you are waiting to find the perfect, opportune time to be whole-heartedly in love with Jesus, you can stop looking now. you're living in it, so run your race.

theres the thought for the night. on a different note....
i havent put up any pics in a while, so here's a few rando's. i need to be more vigilant with my camera.

this is just one part of the line outside of the Hope Center for their dental screening day a little while back. they had 2 dentists that day.

Dr. Fleming, the doctor i shadow a few days a week, and Joel, her interpreter. these two are amazing together.

the surgical admissions tent we work in right outside the ship.

the start of our hike up Sugarloaf mountain. our instructions were: "once you hit a dead end driving, get out and find the pipes. follow them until you see two blue dots. you should find the trail from there. nope.

pipeless and dotless. maybe we should walk for a few more hours.

we conquered. michael doesnt understand why white people purposefully look for ways to expend energy when they dont have to. like hiking. we got back to the ship a few hours later, muddy, bloody, and wet, and someone asked him where he had been, and he just blankly said, "i followed the white people up a mountain." it built character.


on our way to the beach. our taxi didnt do so hot with the potholes on this road. so we got out and hitch hiked. its a lot easier in africa.

love you all deeply. dont be afraid to go on an adventure.



  1. i don't know how anyone has commented here yet because i think this is one of the most significant things you can ever learn. ever. proud of you!

  2. ps. i heard a quote today that said, "the grass is greener where you water it." i liked that.