Tuesday, September 27, 2011

dropped the ball a little bit...

soooo sometimes (always) when i get in the swing of whatever i am doing and hit a rhythm, the first things to go are things like blogging...calling people...effectively keeping people informed on what is happening. so i would like to say i am sorry for dropping the perverbial blogging ball for a bit, but i plan on writing more. why the lack of pictures and videos? ( i currently have 1,247 pictures/videos that have not seen daylight), even without the sun having its little mood swings with the solar flares, the internet on the ship makes me want to rip the computer off the wall, throw it through the window into the ocean, then blow it to pieces with a shotgun while i watch it sink to the bottom in hundreds of little computer shards. im getting therapy. but seriously, wherever you are, take a moment to appreciate clicking on a link and it loading within 60 seconds. or youtube. or skype. or uploading anything. at all. just appreciate it.

but now that that is out of the way. i will be uploading pictures and videos as much as i can, and probably do a good video update on everything that has been going on for the last couple weeks. i have been throwing children in the air at the hope center for the last 4 hours, and desperately need sleep, but i just wanted to say that i am alive, doing extremely well, very healthy, and excited about what God has for me in the next 12 days before i leave.

a for real update coming soon (in the next 24 hours, scouts honor). much love


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